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The aim of the development is to be a world-leading example of the pocket neighbourhood design style for the segment of the market who choose to live in community.

The community will be sustainable, healthy, affordable, safe, tech-savy, resilient, quick to build, while supporting the local economy, culture and biodiversity. Realistically, trade-offs have to be made, e.g. perimeter car parking, and not all of these attributes can be optimised.

Hence, in the context of the national housing crisis, we have chosen to prioritise quick and affordable, high thermal performance (i.e. prefab) houses, within a community that shares resources and spaces, grows food, and minimises waste.


Brookside Featherston


The houses will be small and relatively close together, with double glazing and good orientation to minimise privacy and noise concerns. The density of people will be on par with standard subdivisions under the District Plan. Brushstick fences and vegetation will provide soft delineation of private and public spaces to create a harmonious balance.

To achieve these attributes, extensive research and planning has gone into the development. Each lot in the has a specific house model selected with a fixed location and orientation, to maximize benefits and avoid wasted space (hence 1m side yards). The variety of house sizes and styles offers choice that will facilitate a mixed community and the potential for life long residence among familiar faces.  Residents committees, comprehensive community rules and management structures support the physical design to achieve the holistic outcomes.

Brookside Featherston is sub-diving the next sections soon.
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Our Featherston Village is off the ground!  Our news for the day is that Council has accepted the revised subdivision consent application so that now it can begin its progress towards gaining Resource Consent. We look forward to soon seeing an approved consent.  The land that has been purchased next to the village on Fitzherbert Street now has the proposed Manager’s House in situ.   

Of course, we are still consulting with the community to ensure that the village outcomes will work well with the existing residents.  

 Click on the button below to view the new Featherston consent documentation:

Brookside Villages Featherston-Map

We have a general Q&A section here for our projects.  We are really thrilled with the amount of interest that the Featherston project has already gained and will continue to add any specific Featherston information to this page.  

How much will the house and land packages be?

We are currently looking at the range of $200,000 – $440,000 for 1, 2 and 3 bedroom dwellings.  This will be confirmed after each resource consent is issued.


The site is zoned residential and serviced for subdivision.  A subdivision of 68 homes could be consented on the site using the section size rules in the District Plan (minimum 400m2, average 500m2).  The Stage 1 proposal is for 30, smaller homes which will have a similar impact to what the existing zoning allows. 


In addition to the general Q&A information regarding traffic, specific traffic information for Featherston includes:

  • we are now aware of existing concerns regarding the Boundary Road and State Highway 2 intersection.  This issue has been highlighted to both NZTA and the SWDC and a traffic review is likely https://times-age.co.nz/speed-relief-likely-featherston/.
  • we have also requested the construction of a new Pedestrian Crossing within the 50km zone immediately adjacent to the development on Fitzherbert Street and are awaiting NZTA feedback.

What’s on

Latest news and press releases:

Stage 1 Purchase Process

Once consent is issued for the development, we will advise everybody who has expressed interest in the project (over 200 @1-Mar-20).

As all the houses have been chosen by us for Stage 1, you will be buying a House and Land Package with separate contracts for the house and for the land.  These contracts will be interdependent on each other.  This means that you cannot buy land without committing to the build contract as well.

The currently proposed house and land combinations list is opposite. 

Combined prices will be finalised after consent is obtained and construction prices are confirmed.

Contract deposits are likely to be:
(a)  $12,000 for the Land payable to Brookside Developments; and
(b)  $10-20,000 payable to the builder.

Once consent is obtained will then hold a few Community Information Days to show people the site and run through the rules and other expectations of living in the community.

Once people have attended a Community Information Day, they can decide if the community sounds right for them and move forward to lodge an expression of interest in the house that they are interested in purchasing. Buyers can nominate more than one house to ensure they have options covered if another party selects their preferred house first. Contracts will then be sent out to interested parties.  These contracts will contain 10 working due diligence conditions, giving you effectively a cooling-off period.  You can cancel for any reason during that time period.  Once the conditions are satisfied the deposits will be payable.  Note that completing the contract includes a signoff from your lawyer that you have had the Community Rules and Covenants explained to you and that and a further signoff from you that you understand and intend to abide by the Community Rules and Covenants.

We will provide you with future updates as they occur.

Stage 1* since Urban Design Review:

Brookside Featherston House matrix 2020

*As at April 7, 2020.  Subject to change.

Masterton: EasyBuild

EasyBuild home 3 doors down from us on Harrison St East! This is a good opportunity to see the EasyBuild system.  It is a 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom model that we will have in our development.  Look our for the red flags on the fence! 

Lake Ferry: Onoke Kopuha

Nigel Gattsche, owner of Onoke Kopuha, has just built this studio with bedroom loft at Lake Ferry.  It is now the first building on site at Featherston.  It features the CATIM smart electrical system that is being used on the entire development.  Open times for visits are listed in the What’s On section of this website and on FB.

The Onoke Kopuha models we are using in Stage 1: 

Onoke Tahi
gross internal area 29.8m2
(Only Tahi is listed in the consent documentation but we can probably put Toru instead, subject to approval)

Onoke Toru
gross internal area 33m2


Cromwell: NZSIPS

Brookside Featherston SIPS Delight Ian McComb
'SIP Delight" an NZSIPS Smart house, designed for Featherston

NZSIPS uses SIPS – Structural Insulated Panels for brilliantly insulated, prefabricated houses that are the next-generation of energy-efficient, affordable technology.  With their complete smart building system, you get a weather-tight, super-insulated floor, wall & roof building shell within a matter of days.

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